This spring has been a welcome one- but also has left me waiting for the other shoe (or in this case blizzard) to drop. Now don’t get me wrong- as a true blue Wisconsinite, I love the snow. I believe that winter isn’t really winter without it!  However, after the tumultuous ways of 2020, I’ve decided I’m ok with a mild winter. I like to think of it as a sort of peace offering. 🙂
Ahh, spring.
Time to celebrate the sun! I have chosen an easy DIY tissue paper suncatcher to kick off our spring take and make projects. Some of you may have noticed that your child brought home a brown paper bag last Friday with materials for this project (and some fun springtime treats too!) I have been working alongside your school librarian, Mrs. Brenda (as the kids so lovingly call her) to get to know your children so that they may recognize me when they come to the library this summer. It has been so fun interacting with them! I hope you can join me next Tuesday for this virtual program where we will walk through the process of making the suncatchers.
If you are unable to attend the live event, you may also watch it afterward on the library’s YouTube page: AMPLI. To register, go here!

Photo by Rick Hyne on Unsplash